Construction Management & Quality Assurance

The Benefits of e-Builts construction photography to Construction Management…in a phrase is Quality Assurance

The benefits to Construction Management of the e-Builts construction photography services are profound.  Was the blocking installed per structural requirements? Did an MEP trade penetrate a structural member without approval?  Is the shear screw (or nailing) pattern per the engineer’s requirements?  Was the fire-caulking installed at that above ceiling penetration?    What height off floor is the backing for the future cabinetry?

Quality Control and Quality Assurance is yours at the click of mouse in the e-Builts’ Interfac

Construction Management is complicated and getting more so.  Construction contracts fill binders and have requirements that sometimes are not fully understand, and if fully understood, how can the performance of the field personnel be assured?  The e-Builts construction photography interface is an easy-to-use software that works for all parties involved in a project.  The architect, engineer, construction manager, builder, sub-contractor and ultimately facilities manager can all access the same information in a straightforward, two-dimensional reader that provides information that only a photograph can show.

Construction Management starts with a plan and a hole in the ground, but ultimately requires quality assurance.  Quality Assurance that e-Builts can provide.


The during-the-project benefits of e-Builts Construction Management include:


Quality Control and Quality Assurance are paramount to good Construction Management.  Proper Construction Management  comes down to providing what is contractually required in the manner the code or contract calls for it to be built.  e-Builts provides that Quality Assurance.
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