e-Builts “New as Built” Plans & BIM

The As Built Plan is evolving and e-Builts is here to help.  Building structures and systems are getting more complicated each year.  Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a superb tool for the design and building process.  However a model is not a building.  In the building process and ultimately in facilities management e-Builts provides an invaluable and accurate record of the As-Built configuration of a building.  Quality assurance, verification of design intent, collision resolution – all are issues addressed during construction by e-Builts.  The As Built plan serves a very real purpose.  e-Builts cannot fully replace the As Built plan, yet it is arguable that our service provides far greater access and utility than a redline of the construction drawings converted to an As Built plan.

The sophistication of the some current BIM efforts is astounding.  That said, it takes a broad and diverse team to first implement a workable model and then interface a half dozen or more, design/build sub-contractors.  Keeping that model updated and ultimately usable for the As Built is an approach that comes with questions and utility.  A Facility Managers job is to keep the facility running, not to learn and babysit an evolving technology.   Flying through a model is an interesting exercise it is also daunting and easy to get lost.  We provide an enormous amount of information, but we keep it simple.  Find the room in question, look at a photograph of the wall you want, open up that wall with our Thru-View, measure the components of that wall and access all the documents that affected that wall during construction.

What we do for the BIM is verify.  What was built as the model required?  What deiviated?  Overlay the e-Builts photograph or point cloud on the BIM model and see the As Built condition in relation to the model.

  • The requirements of Construction Close-out packages are demanding.
  • General contractors as well as sub-contractors are devoting an increasing amount of time and money to meet the closeout requirements, (including as-built plans) of sophisticated ownership groups.
  • There are sophisticated contractors that already know that every phase of a project needs to have photographic documentation.  Why not have that documentation fulfill multiple project requirements.
  • If you are not already having you project photographed you should be.  How often have you regretted not having photographic “proof” of something that became an issue.
  • Why spend valuable resources on as built plans when you can provide something that can be viewed exactly as it was built – for less cost.
  • The rough framing / Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing rough-in (MEP) from our photographs allows builders and owners to view “exactly” what was done.  No matter the up front modeling and accuracy of drawings there are field deviations that aren’t accounted for in models and in the old approach to “as-builts”.
  • e-Builts cost effectively provides a better and more accurate alternative to as-built drawings that will likely contain errors anyway.
  • e-Builts replaces as-built plans for less cost and greater accuracy.


The e-Builts approach to As Built Plans and verification include:

  • Measurable photographs or scan data of all conditions on a project.
  • 1/8” resolution – you can see any wire, any screw and know where it is
  • Accurate – the location of all framing members and MEP components become known at the click of a mouse.
  • Dated – photographs are indexed by date and location in the interface.
  • Annotation – RFI’s, delays, architects supplemental instructions and sketches, O & M information can all be called up from the e-builts photograph at the click of your mouse.
  • Close-out packages – We have seen pallets of paper based close-out binders that are now being replaced with all of the same information called up from the e-builts photograph at the click of your mouse.
  • Insurance claim verification – The fastest way to confirm a claim is to provide photographic proof of what was there.  There is little arguing with an accurate and high resolution photograph with dates and multiple views.
  • Quality Control – the high resolution photographs provide realtime and backed up evidence of what and how something was built.
For a demonstration of our state-of-the-art As Built Construction Photography CONTACT US by email or at 650-960-3362.

Quality Assurance – The As Built plan is truly verified by e-Builts.