Construction Insurance Claims

The Legal Benefits of e-Builts to Construction Insurance Claims

Construction Insurance Claims for construction defects are with us to stay. Insurance costs for construction companies are the third largest cost. Dispute resolution is aided when all parties can review high resolution photographs that are accurate, easy to find and dated. e-Builts construction photography has been used by contractors, owners, and 3rd party inspectors to verify As Built conditions.  There is no arguing with a photograph – Construction Defects, if any, can be seen, and Dispute Resolution takes a faster, less acrimonious and most importantly less costly path. Insurance companies know the cost of a Construction Insurance Claim. They are prepared to spend hundreds-of-thousands on discovery and forensics before the case even goes to settlement.

Was the  blocking installed per structural requirements? Did an MEP trade penetrate a structural member without approval? Is the shear screw (or nailing) pattern per the engineer’s requirements?  Was the fire-caulking installed at that above ceiling penetration? What height off floor is the backing for the future cabinetry?

The questions can fill volumes and lead to litigation….expensive litigation.  

Construction Defect Insurance Claims have appeared on the radar of ownership groups, general contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, lawyers, insurance companies, etc.  The cost of defense against such a claim is daunting. The cost to bring about the claim is also daunting. The e-Builts construction photography interface is an easy to use software that works for all parties involved in a project.  The architect, engineer, construction manager, builder, sub-contractor and ultimately facilities manager can all access the same information in an easy to use, two dimensional reader that provides information that only a photograph can show. Construction Insurance Defect Claims are unfortunately part of the building industry. Dispute Resolution becomes straightforward when everyone looks at the same photograph and agrees it represents the true As Built condition.

Construction Defect Claims require that the defect be provable. e-Builts doesn’t have an agenda. We photograph (or scan) the condition as it is built. That photograph, easy to find, but one or more, of a cast of thousands, then becomes the basis to prove, or disprove a construction defect claim.  Construction Insurance Claims are generally the large players in the Insurance world. These companies (and their counsel) embrace e-Builts construction photography. Dispute Resolution is the goal and we are here to help.

The Legal Benefits of e-Builts Construction Photographs to Construction Insurance Claims and as an aide to Dispute Resolution include:

  • Measurable photographs or scan data of all conditions on a project.
  • 1/8” resolution – you can see any wire, any screw and know where it is
  • Accurate – the location of all framing members and MEP components become known at the click of a mouse.
  • Dated – photographs are indexed by date and location in the interface.
  • Progress verification – who completed what by when becomes known on demand.
  • Annotation – RFI’s, delays, architects supplemental instructions and sketches, O & M information can all be called up from the e-builts photograph at the click of your mouse.
  • Close-out packages – We have seen pallets of paper based close-out binders that are now being replaced with all of the same information called up from the e-builts photograph at the click of your mouse.
  • Insurance claim verification – The fastest way to confirm a claim is to provide photographic proof of what was there.  There is little arguing with an accurate and high resolution photograph with dates and multiple views.
  • Quality Control – the high resolution photographs provide realtime and backed up evidence of what and how something was built.

e-Builts Construction Photographs provide straightforward Dispute Resolution of Construction Insurance Claims.

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