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e-Builts provides a broad range of services and our technology is second-to-none.

 The construction world is changing – fast.  A few years ago it was a rare and sophisticated contractor that considered the necessity of even some random photography of potential trouble areas of a project.  Today, it is a rare and generally unsophisticated contractor that hasn’t substantially enhanced their project documentation and photographs.

A collaborative and sustained effort by the design/build team and highly accurate BIM modeling effort will still not effectively show a contractor how the field actually built any given wall.  Any one of e-Builts services can help a contractor or building owner verify the accuracy of the model and the intent of construction.

  • Laser Scanning Services – Complex Framing and MEP interfaces may need the accuracy and 3 dimensions provided by our Laser Scanning Services.
  • Old As Builts Plans – As Built plans are troublesome and time-consuming.  Why not allow e-Builts services to replace your Old As Builts with a state-of-the-art interface to our high resolution  photographs.
  • New As Builts Plans – Our photographs provide accurate dimensioning and are the New As Built Plans.
  • BIM Verification – With our state-of-the-art technology we provide BIM verification and quality assurance.
  • Green Building Practices and LEED The quality assurance, education and efficiency provided by e-Builts insures your green building practices are met and help achieve LEED construction criteria.