e-Builts Green Building Practices/LEED

Many represent they have Green Building Practices.  e-Builts follows through….for  decades.

When you can verify what has been built, where and out of what – a redesign can be achieved with less debris, less new material and less overall impact on the building and the environment.  With the e-Builts interface and digital photography there is no costly demolition of finishes just to determine structure or where the MEP items are located.  With the click of a mouse – you can determine wall configuration, stud spacing and where is the pipe that has the leak that is flooding the floor.

Recently we were contacted by a building owner that no longer had ties with their contractor.  We had photographed and archived the project in 2003.  We located their photographic files and instead of tearing open the two possible walls they thought they had the leak in, they were able to determine not only which wall, but where in the wall they needed to look.  That anecdote makes the case for green building practices.

Whenever possible e-Builts crews are local and they do drive hybrid vehicles for all project work. Our technology is entirely digital, with no use of chemicals and minimal paper involved in our business management.
The Green Building Practices of e-Builts.

  • A digital photographic record, available during construction or 30 years from now allows reduced impact on the project or environment at a change or remodel.
  • An inexpensive, dated and indexed series of photographs of all areas of a project.
  • Photographs are web accessible 24 hours from our jobsite visit.
  • High Resolution allows for viewing any detail to 1/8” in any location/photograph.
  • Our photographs are measurable.
  • Photographs can be used for:
  • Progress Verification
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control
  • Specification and Code Compliance
  • Supplemental Inspection Requirements
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance Claim Verification
  • LEED credits are available for innovation and education.
  • The photographs can be annotated to support LEED required data and points are available for education and sustainable technology.
  • Once provided to the contractor or owner, the data can be hosted on a server, saved on a disc or accessed via the web.
  • Changes in scope can be surgical with the real condition of hidden components accessible on the photographs.
  • Enhanced communication – within 24 hours of jobsite photographs the entire construction team can view, zoom-in and verify.
  • Close-out packages – We have seen pallets of paper based close-out binders that are now being replaced with all of the same information called up from the e-builts photograph at the click of your mouse.

e-Builts approaches Green Building Practices with the straightforward understanding that our world needs us to be sustainable.    Construction practices have embraced the e-Builts services as truly a Green Building technology.

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