Construction Inspection


The Legal Benefits of e-Builts to Construction Inspection

 The Legal Benefits to Construction Inspection of the e-Builts construction photography services are profound. Was the  blocking installed per structural requirements? Did an MEP trade penetrate a structural member without approval? Is the shear screw (or nailing) pattern per the engineer’s requirements? Was the fire-caulking installed at that above ceiling penetration? Can the configuration and location of a particular anchor bolt be determined?

The questions can fill volumes, stop jobs and lead to litigation….expensive litigation.

Construction Inspections are demanding, complicated and getting more so. Buildings have multiple systems that all need inspection. The sequencing and demanding schedules of today’s projects can create an environment where the question of “what happened there?” gets asked. Code and inspection requirements fill binders and have requirements that sometimes are not fully understand and if fully understood, how can the performance of the field personnel be assured? The e-Builts construction photography interface is an easy to use software that works for all parties involved in a project. The architect, engineer, construction manager, builder, sub-contractor, building inspector and ultimately facilities manager can all access the same information in an easy to use, two dimensional reader that provides information that only a photograph can show.

Construction Inspection requires an on-site review of the As Built condition. We have never taken the place of the inspection authority, but we have worked with them to provide a great deal of supplemental information and verifications.  Quality Assurance that is invaluable to the contractor and owner.

e-Builts verifications of building installations related to Construction Inspections include:

  • Measurable photographs or scan data of all conditions on a project.
  • 1/8” resolution – you can see any wire, any screw and know where it is
  • Accurate – the location of all framing members and MEP components become known at the click of a mouse.
  • Dated – photographs are indexed by date and location in the interface.
  • Progress verification – who completed what by when becomes known on demand.
  • Annotation – RFI’s, delays, architects supplemental instructions and sketches, O & M information can all be called up from the e-builts photograph at the click of your mouse.
  • Close-out packages – We have seen pallets of paper based close-out binders that are now being replaced with all of the same information called up from the e-builts photograph at the click of your mouse.
  • Insurance claim verification – The fastest way to confirm a claim is to provide photographic proof of what was there.  There is little arguing with an accurate and high resolution photograph with dates and multiple views.
  • Quality Control – the high resolution photographs provide realtime and backed up evidence of what and how something was built.
  • Quality Assurance – Construction Inspections are a step in the process that helps insure that code and building approvals are met.  e-Builts provides verification that the requisite criteria is met.

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