Legal and Maintenance Benefits

Benefits to Construction

Unfortunately, the construction world has become litigious. Latent defects, sequencing issues, substitution of materials, field errors, changes without documentation, delays….the list goes on. Tens-of-millions of dollars are won or lost based on who has the best information about who, and how, the mistake was made.

Good practicioners of construction management know there is a better way to build a building, that doesn’t result in litigation. e-Builts helps remove the question of how and when a building was put together. The quality assurance that comes with e-Builts results in Legal Benefits that last the life of the building.  All parties involved know that the hidden framing and MEP components of any given wall are visible in the e-Builts viewer. Good construction management means you verify – No bad work, no cover-up… no lawsuit.  e-Builts is here to help.

Benefits to Facility Management

A facility manager doesn’t worry about a lawsuit.  They worry about how they’re going to find the valve that shuts of the leaking line before it’s a bigger issue.  The e-Builts reader provides maintenance including hospital management with all necessary information. How to access, where to open the wall, what other components are affected and if the annotation is complete – who to call on warranty or repair isssues.  The legal and maintenance benefits to having the e-Builds interface are many-fold.  Facility and hospital management is made easier when a Construction Manager has verified, using e-Builts.

For the last decade, the e-Builts reader and photography has been used by Construction Management and building professionals for:

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