Facilities Management

The Benefits of e-Builts Construction Photography to Facilities Management and Building Management and Maintenance

Facilities Management and Building Maintenance used to be incredibly complicated….it’s now worse.  New methods of construction, complex building systems and unusual tenant build-outs, all require an improved understanding of a building.  e-Builts is here to help.  From a simple-to-use plan view of each floor of a building, a facilities manager can access a photograph of every component, wall and ceiling of a building.

Facilities Management is less complex and Building Maintenance costs go down because of:

  • Ease of access to information (O & M manuals can be attached to the digital photographs)
  • The interface is not a complicated search – look at a plan, find your room, open the photograph and see what is there.
  • There is no complex fly through of a model to see a digital representation, you get to SEE what is in the wall on a photograph.
  • A standard computer and monitor is all that is needed.
  • Where is the pipe that is leaking water on the toilet floor?  The click of mouse will locate that pipe and reduce damage to adjacent finishes.
  • E-Builts allows a surgical approach to subsequent building changes and repairs.

Let’s say that the ground floor retail space needs the demolition of a full height wall and the rebuild of a decorative colonnade with a reception area.  On the plan view, find the room, mouse-over the shooting station (indicated by a colored icon), look at the wall in question, dissolve the fixtures and finishes and you are looking at the structure.  With the click of your mouse you can measure to the immovable structure, determine where mechanical, electrical, plumbing items are located and surgically demolish – rather than create a far more complicated and time consuming issue.

Facilities Management and Building Maintenance are blind without e-Builts easy to use and and navigate interface that can show you every component of your building.

Please see the e-Builts Benefits page for specific e-builts features.

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