Rave Reviews

Our professional photographers have shot and archived tens of thousands of photos of both commercial and residential construction projects at various stages of completion. Our software integrates these images into the floor plans. Accessing this detailed, visual archive of your construction project saves time, money and effort. Read how e-Builts™ has revolutionized as-built documentation for these professionals:

Before using the e-Builts™ software, we physically had to open up walls to see what was going on behind them, which was very costly and time consuming. The e-Builts™ software is very clever, you can “open” walls or ceilings and look at systems behind them from your computer, that’s what I like the best about it. To me, using the software is like having an Insurance policy, it provides peace of mind

– Gerry Agosta, President – Buena Vista Builders

This application is amazing! The e-Builts™ software allows us to zoom right in on the telco wiring throughout the facility. I am reconfiguring rooms and moving equipment from one place to another. With e-Builts™ I can easily find the routing of the IT wiring within the walls and re-route it without disrupting our staff.

– Joe Boothby – IT Manager – SPCA San Francisco

The e-Builts™ software creates the opportunity for architects who are highly visual individuals to easily see all the details in buildings in real time. I think our industry is hungry for a solution like this!

– Margie O’Driscoll, Executive Director American Institute of Architects San Francisco Chapter

We used to take hundreds and hundreds of pictures using tape measures to show where different things where. We would spend countless hours going through shoeboxes of photographs trying to sort thorough and find what we were looking for and in the end we could still make costly mistakes. With e-Builts™, its like having X-ray vision and it also gives you the ability to make precise measurements to locate an outlet covered over with sheetrock or to drill a door stop into a radiant floor.

– Howard Geil, High End Residential Construction Supervisor

The e-Builts™ software saved us a lot of time, as we didn’t have to go onsite to answer every question about framing, piping and wiring in the walls. The software was very easy to use, even for a non computer-savvy person. It was great to be able to go anywhere in the structure quickly and easily with just a click of the mouse. Working with Imaging Perspective’s crew was seamless, they integrated themselves within our project’s time constraints without slowing down our project schedule, they were almost invisible and very flexible in working with us.

– Ron Andrus, SPCA, Onsite Supervisor – Plant Construction Company

Imaging Perspective’s e-Builts™ service paid for itself on our last project.

– Tom Hall, Plath & Company, Inc.

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